October 18, 2013

Rumor: Noe's Bar Has Been Sold

Earlier this month we received a tip via email that Noe's Bar and/or Basso's has been sold:
Rumor is that Noe's (including the Basso's restaurant) on 24th & Church has changed ownership and will be closing for several weeks of renovations sometime before the end of the 2013. It will reopen under a new name. I can only assume it won't be anything like the same neighborhood bar anymore.
We can't find anything online - nothing pending on CA ABC, SF DBI, or rumored on the NVV. Admittedly, we've been too busy this month to stop in for a drink and ask some questions.

Lending credibility to the rumor is this post from last year advertising a Noe Valley pizzeria for sale. Key words include "well established for 30 years" and "not a distressed business." At the time we suspected Haystack was ready to cash out, but now we think otherwise. Turns out Wayne Basso and his family have owned and operated Noe's Bar since 1982 - exactly 30 years before a pizza restaurant in Noe Valley was posted for sale. They took over the restaurant side from Cybelle's in 2008. The listing also indicates that the owner will relocate abroad.

Today we received another tip via Twitter that the bar has been sold, and since we really don't know anything we're asking for your help.

As we're posting Twitter is responding:

What have you heard? We'd like to know more, and we'd like to hear from all parties involved if possible. Comment, or send us an email.

[NVSF: For Sale: Noe Valley Pizzeria]
[NVV: Store Trek, February 2008]
[Photo: Roberto Cosenza]


Tweety said...

No! Noe's has the best bartenders in SF. I hope they will be able to stay on with the new owners.

Anonymous said...

I have heard from a reliable source that the new owner is Dave O'Donnel (sp?). A first time bar owner.

Anonymous said...

I also heard it was Dave ( a regular at Dublier) if this is true, expect this bar to go down fast.. He's known as a real jerk in the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

So happy Noes has been sold, I hope they bring a new energy to this place. This place sucked for the longest time and some of the customers were jerks. I hope to see a new vibe in this place