October 2, 2013

Is This Your Lost Cat on Vicksburg?

A concerned neighbor and good Samaritan emailed us this item:
We found an injured grayish/brownish male tabby cat on the sidewalk in front of our house on Vicksburg Street (something was wrong with his back legs, he couldn't walk). A neighbor brought him to Animal Care, where he is being cared for.   

The phone number at Animal Care is 554.6364 and his ID number at the shelter is A345506.  He does not have a chip. He seems like a really sweet cat.
Help get the word out and let's get this kitty home!


Anonymous said...

This might be the cat listed on the posters stapled up around Hoffman & Grandview near 23rd Street. I can't leave the house now to go scouting for the number, but will try to call tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

The poster I saw says:

Lost Cat

Her name is "Boo", she is probably scared and wants to come home! She was lost on Tuesday, Sept 17, from 24th and Noe. Unfortunately, she is not wearing a collar. She is 9 years old, 10lbs, mostly gray, with some white and brown markings. She is an indoor cat and not used to being out of doors. We think she's hiding in a nearby back yard.

CharleyZ said...

Bummer. This cat that was found is male...but thank you for going out to get the info off the poster! Any other leads?

Anonymous said...

There was a couple who live above Toast who lost a cat. It might be the same Boo, but if not it might be worth seeing if it is them.