November 9, 2012

Lightning Strike Shuts Off Noe Valley Power

Anyone else jump out of bed just after 1am this morning following a loud explosion? Turns out lightning took out 5 transformers near 24th and Hoffman Streets, cutting off power to about 100 PG&E customers. A very dramatic hail storm followed, and then silence a minute or so later. (An odd storm in many ways for this part of the country.)

Power is expected to be on by 11am. No other damage has been reported.

[ABC7:  Storm Knocks Out Power In Noe Valley]
[Photo: @amyhollyfield]


Anonymous said...

I saw it! I happened to be looking out my window in that direction when it happened. Scared the shit out of me! And nearly blinded me! That thunder clap was rare indeed…but so awesome!

Anonymous said...

I jumped out of bed so scared, had no idea what that was.

Anonymous said...

That "explosion" was a thunderclap, not the transformers being taken out. My adrenaline rush afterward kept me up for a few hours afterward.