October 28, 2012

Orange October: Noe Valley Harvest Fest 2012 Highlights

Beautiful Fall weather? Check. Giants in the World Series? Check. Happy kids (and dogs) in costumes? Double-check. Yup, all the ingredients fell into place for a perfect Harvest Fest this year. It was still just a block party but it packed a lot in, including 2 jumpy houses (complete with stroller gridlock outside), a dunking station, face painting, a petting zoo, live music, free food, and even big name sponsors plugging cars and doling out coupons. Some photos and highlights from the day of fun, festivities and costumes:

Gridlock and stroller parking at the jumpy tent
Hanging in the pumpkin patch
Circus Lady on stilts
The most popular booth at the fair
Overhead: "We only have $20 - what should we get?"
Face painting is serious business
The Little Mermaid waits for a temporary tattoo
Poetry, anyone? And yes, that's a typewriter.
Oh hai
Petting zoo: "You looking at me?" [via dtcohen]
Hayride on 24th
Costume contest - Mary Poppins and Jude Bot take home the top prizes in the 2-6 category
I am ze Frenchman and ze costume winner for ages 0-2 [via sjs]
Happy little Parisian Painter
Most popular little girl costume besides princess this year: Ladybug
Fear the Beard
Hard day's work at the fair
Happy Halloween, Noe Valley! [via sfgeoninja]


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics. I wonder why those creepy nude men in the Castro didn't venture over to 24th St. and "hang" out.

I'm glad they didn't. They are cowards who only wish to show off for their own sick pleasure.

Anonymous said...

Noe Valley now looks like a suburb. What a change this neighborhood has gone through over the past 25 years.

Anonymous said...

What did it look like before? The Tenderloin?

Anonymous said...

No it did not look like the Tenderloin; but like a city. Didn't you move to a city & not the suburbs?
At least we had a life; didn't need a plaza to connect with people!!