October 11, 2012

Crime Beat: Jogger Harassment

A Noe Valley Neighbor sent the note below hoping to alert others about an unhinged character near Twin Peaks (yes, she has filed a police report):
Yesterday morning, I was harassed while jogging on Twin Peaks by a man on Hopkins Ave between Burnett and Corbett. He yelled at me, called me filthy names, took multiple photos/movies of me and my dog, followed me as I continued on my run, waiting for me at turns in the road. He also bent down to collect something in the dirt, possibly rocks(?), while he waited for me to come down from the Market street overpass bridge. I was frightened for my physical safety. I asked a fellow jogger with her dog to accompany me past him at the bottom of the ramp. She said she recognized him from the neighborhood. The man was white with short white hair, appeared to be in his 60's, was thin and about 5'10", wearing jeans, a sweatshirt, baseball hat, sunglasses and a day pack. The whole experience really shook me up, I am nervous to continue running up Twin Peaks with my dog as I have done for the past 10 years. This happened 10/10/12 from around 8:45-9:05 AM.
Be safe out there.

[Photo: Google Maps]


Anonymous said...

I see a man that fits this description regularly walking down market street in the upper Castro. Although this old guy is short, has wavy white hair, wears dark sunglasses and a blue heavy ski jacket on cold days.

He's usually just walking down the hill with a dog or a friend. One time I heard someone yelling profanities outside my house only to find him alone just cursing out loud. My diagnosis is schizophrenia, perhaps no meds that day. Normally he's chill, but that day he was clearly paranoid delusional.

Anonymous said...

is the above commenter qualified to accurately diagnose this medical condition on simply the basis of a walk by examination?

Anonymous said...

Well I suspect the he's medically competent to say - crazy old guy is sometimes vicious, here are some other tips to recognize him.

Don't let this guy get you alone.