February 20, 2012

Tidbits: 24th St Happenings

SEAN opened two days ago at 4080 24th St (quite a makeover of the old Accent on Flowers space). What is SEAN? "SEAN is the only US retailer providing men of all ages timeless contemporary fashion choices designed exclusively by French menswear designer Emile Lafaurie."

The Planning Commission will consider issuance of a Conditional Use Permit on March 8th for a cafe called "Sweep Spot" at 4028 24th St (formerly Cosmic Wizard). Grub Street believes it's actually a "Pinkberry-esque frozen-yogurt shop moving in called Sweet Spot." More details when we get them.

Posters have popped up in windows around 24th and Church announcing the efforts of The Noe Valley Traffic Safety Project "to work with the community and city government to implement short and long-term solutions aimed at making the intersection safer." Check it out.

4027 24th St (formerly Hot Headz) is under wraps, the For Rent sign is down and painters are inside. Anyone know what's going in there?

Haven't been able to find a new iPhone case since Radio Shack shut due to fire/water damage? Problem solved: iPhone accessories are now available at Pete's Cleaners & Laundry (3859 24th St).

Finally, Cookie Time Truck found out last week that they aren't allowed to block a federally-mandated handicapped parking space and is now located at the back of the parking lot. Considering the lawsuits filed against other Noe Valley merchants for ADA violations we'd say Cookie Time got off easy.


Anonymous said...

A men's clothing store? In Noe Valley?!

Anonymous said...

FYI, I think Sean's got a few other locations in SF. Check out

Anonymous said...

Geez Anonymous 11:35am, where you been? There are a couple places you can buy men's clothing. Just prepare yourself to pay $180 for a shirt at Rabat. I'm sure the newly minted Facebook millionaires will gladly pay it.

Anonymous said...

The men's shirts at Rabat are great. I own several..and I'm not a FB millionaire.

Anonymous said...

Sean has gorgeous clothes. I'm glad to have them in the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

3:11, Rabat just has a rack of men's clothes. (And FYI, I was in there the other day and they have a bunch of shirts for well under $100.) I'm pleasantly surprised to see an entire store for men. Too bad it ain't exactly affordable.