February 4, 2012

Moving: Loft 1513 Boutique

Loft 1513 on Church Street
A prime empty retail space on 24th St has filled quickly: A sign in the former Urban Nest storefront announces Loft 1513's move from 1513 Church St. to to 3927 24th Street. The sign reads:
LOFT 1513 is a new kind of Boutique and art gallery. It houses one-of-a-kind local and international designers… bringing you unique, innovative and eco-friendly designs.
LOFT hosts monthly parties and events, both open to the public and private. We feature artist and designers with fashion shows, DJs, art installations, and live demos. We also offer one-on-one fashion consultations, workshops and custom designs.
We are thrilled to be able to showcase our designs in a more accessible neighborhood for our customers and for the opportunity to gain new fans. We are currently located a few blocks away at 1513 Church.
We will re-open our doors on this new location March 1st. Stay tuned for our upcoming events.
All my best,
Larissa Verdussen and LOFT Crew
Heliotrope, the natural skin care products store which is currently next door to LOFT 1513 on Church St, will also have a presence in the new space with a shop-within-a-shop.

[Top image: LOFT 1513 Blog]


Anonymous said...

GREAT, a really nice little independent retail store replacing same. Welcome to 24th street, I hope they get good neighborhood support making it worth the move and the cost of the higher monthly rent.