February 15, 2012

Rebirth Of Cool

In 2009, Gerry and Lisa lost their newly-constructed house to fire while on vacation. No one was hurt. "The first thing Lisa and I realized is that within the grand scheme of things, we have lost little.... Our children are here and well today. The rest is stuff, and most of it can be replaced, and of what cannot, we have memories."

And boy did they replace. All the details that bothered them from the first go-round were fixed: plaster instead of drywall, marble and granite instead of quarzite, a fire-vulnerable master suite moved to a lower level.

Today the New York Times profiles the rebirth of the 27th St house:
Gerry Agosta, who has spent 30 years in the Bay Area as a general contractor and developer, said there’s a hard truth in his line of work: “You never get a chance for a do-over. Every site commands a different design, so you’re always doing things for the first time.”
[NYT: From Ashes, Upgrades]
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