November 8, 2011

Opening Nov. 14: New Spa on Outer Church

There's a new spa opening on outer Church St. in Noe Valley next Monday, and it's not a nail salon. The K9 Scrub Club, first announced in July, is a locally-owned upscale dog spa.

From the press release (emphasis ours):
The dog wash is designed to make washing your dog a fun process without the chore of cleaning up. There are five tubs to reduce wait time and each is designed to make the process easier on both dogs and their human companions. K9 Scrub Club team members will provide a blueberry or plum face scrub on the house, which helps to relax dogs with aroma therapy and will leave their face smelling great! They have a strong selection of shampoos to help everything from itchy skin to smelly dogs. All of their shampoos are made from natural sources and are good for your dog.
During the month of November, the Scrub Club is offering free basic washes. You can read the full release here.

K9 Scrub Club
1734 Church Street (between 29th and Day)


Amy Mott said...

Hi everyone! I got a sneak peek of the new K9 Scrub Club space and it really rocks! So modern and chic. Your dogs are going to love it!

Anonymous said...

Love this!! Can't wait. We might be there on opening day. I peeked in the door the other day and agree it looks awesome.

Anonymous said...

must be a slow news month since the only blog here is about a dog wash in Upper Noe Valley. Anything else happening?

Anonymous said...

Re: slow news, what's up with the town square these days?

It's been a year and a half now -- is this thing going to happen or not?

Anonymous said...

Probably not.Let's get on with more important news.

Anonymous said...

what on earth could be more important than the Town Square?

Anonymous said...

Dog washing.

p.s. Don't you think it would be sad to lose the Farmer's Market if the square doesn't happen?