November 26, 2011

KGO on Tuggey's: Still Going Strong

An NVV reader's worry notwithstanding, a story on KGO/ABC claims Tuggey's is still going strong after 100+ years:
"These are tough times for neighborhood hardware stores, so many are being driven out of business by the big box giants. But a tiny San Francisco store is bucking that trend: Tuggy's [sic] Hardware, which opened in 1898, is still going strong."
Some quotes from current owner, Denny Giovanelli, who has worked there since he was 12:
"The floorboards creek [sic]. That's a good thing."

"When I was younger, I just asked myself what it takes to keep a house going, and that's what you stock."

"We get people from Home Depot sending people to us."
And if you go to Tuggey's on this Small Business Saturday and can't find what you want, there's also this tidbit from the story: "Residents know that Giovanolli [sic] keeps a secret room filled with hard-to-find antique parts."

[ABC: Small hardware store goes strong for 100 years]


Anonymous said...

Love Tuggy's.
Only request is to keep their Sat and Sun hours open longer (till 5pm). I have counted three times in the past yr that I went to their store (my bad for not remembering their hours) only to find them closed on Sat (after 4:30pm) or Sun (after 3pm).

Anonymous said...

If Tuggeys is going so strong, as you say, why is it that many of their shelves are half full, junk is scattered in the aisles and the place is a mess.

I go to Cole Hardware of Cliffs for all my hardware needs.

Anonymous said...

Good job tuggey's. Dont listen to thos douche bag yuppy assholes who wouldnt know a a great hardware store if it slammed into there prius. You guys are doing a great job. Mike knows his stuff. Great job!

Anonymous said...

Nice comments anon above for talking potty mouth and just name calling people who make a comment different than yours.

Fact is, their shelves ARE empty a lot and the place is messy.

How bout Tuggeys response?