November 21, 2011

The Lux Condos Come To Life

Now that the scaffolding is down, here are a few more details via Eileen Bermingham about The Lux apartments at 1596 Church St. From the blueprints (PDF):
  • 13-car parking (including five with a "rotating parking lift") and a Church Street facing commercial space at street level. However, the 1527 sq/ft commercial space is specified as "office use only." Maybe a title company/bank/dentist will set up shop, but don't hope for a cool cafe/bar/gym.
  • The second floor has three 2BD/2BA units and a outdoor courtyard (with "outdoor kitchen"). 
  • The third/fourth floors have three two-level units that are 3BD/3BA with internal staircases. 
The information provided to us last November from agent Keely Ferguson says they'll be "high-end modern homes." Per Eileen, the 2nd floor units are priced at about $900k, the upper units are $1.3M-$1.6M. Expect an official opening in January 2012.

[Inside SF RE: Wraps Off: Noe’s “Luxe” Condos Closer to Market]
[NVSF: Announced: The Lux Condos On Outer Church]


Anonymous said...

i am glad this replaced the blue church, but i am not sure why this color scheme is popular. It looks like the condos on 29th and Dolores, which isnt a compliment.

Anonymous said...

it's FUGLY

insidesfre said...

Thanks for the link & coverage. Rotating parking is not ideal, but not surprising, given the space limitations.

Anonymous said...

How much are they selling the dumpster out front for?

Anonymous said...

Nice project and much better use of that corner than the old crappy blue church.

I'm sure these will sell well and quickly.

Anonymous said...

Make Certain to check contractors (including subs) insurance for adequate construction liability,