August 15, 2011

Shop Local: Noe Valley Sunscreen

We have a lipstick line named after Noe streets, local eco modern lunch bags & wine totes, so why not our own neighborhood sunscreen line? Oh wait, we have that too.

Local Noe Valley mom and entrepreneur Sara Hillman writes:
I'm a local mom here in SF. My product just launched at a couple places in Noe Valley (Whole Foods and Getzwell Pediatrics) and I was wondering if you might be interested in doing blog post on it as I think the Noe Valley community will really embrace it?

GO!screen is a brush-on mineral powder sunscreen that’s fun to use and completely natural. Developed by a chemist mom as a toxin-free solution to the daily sunscreen battle with her kids, GO!screen means no more cold sprays, greasy hands or stinging eyes. Purchase online or at Whole Foods or Getzwell Pediatrics in Noe Valley.