August 5, 2011

Food Bites: 3 Pending Licenses, 2 New Sushi Places And More Love For La Ciccia

Lots of food happenings around Noe this month: Eater SF reported today that the space at 3821 24th St will be another wine store. A wine/beer/liquor license is pending for Noe Valley Wine Merchants. No word on the expected opening date or if St Clair's will protest.

Kama Sushi looks about ready to open at 1497 Church St (formerly Amberjack). The awnings have been reworked, there is a monitor in the window presumably to show pictures of food (a new take on a classic) and they have a website pending. The beer/wine license is also pending.

In other sushi news, the space formerly known as Tamasei Sushi has a name (and also a pending beer/wine license): Akai Saru.

Finally, La Ciccia made Food & Drink's list of Top 10 Italian Restaurants in the World (page 103). Salute La Ciccia. Not so much to Food & Drink calling La Ciccia a "Mission area eatery."


Anonymous said...

Great for La Ciccia, but I have to question an article so titled that puts seven of the top ten in the US, and only two in Italy. US-centric much?