July 8, 2011

Closed: Cosmic Wizard

Cosmic Wizard vanished, and good ol' Twitter was there:
So does anyone else find the sudden disappearance of 'Cosmic Wizard' on 24th St in Noe Valley ironic and odd?! What happened?
Star Magic Cosmic Wizard made quite a splash in the NVV when they revived a hippy hangout in 2009, had some legal issues in 2010, and rehired the Grand Poobah who had flashbacks of greatness in March of this year.

No word yet if a psychic will move into the space.


Anonymous said...

Oh great. I just purchased a $50 gift certificate from Cosmic Wizard one month ago and gave it as a birthday present. Just found out the certif hasn't been redeemed yet! Guess I'd better call Visa. Thanks for the announcement!!

J.K. Dineen said...

I went in there to buy a gift certificate two weeks ago. It was hilarious.
Me: I would like a gift certificate for an 8-year-old girl who loves this store.
Clerk: Oh, I wouldn't do that. Quicksilver is moving the whole thing to L.A.
Me: Do you mean he is opening a store in L.A.
Clerk: No, Quicksilver is more into tours and cruises these days.
Me: Really? What sort of tours and cruises does Quicksilver do?
Clerk: You know -- nutrition, UFOs, whatever people are in to.

Lisa Star said...

That's hilarious.