July 29, 2011

Announced: K9 Scrub Club

Recent activity at 1734 Church St has had us and many readers curious. Today we received a press release that led us to the answer:
"K9 Scrub Club is a San Francisco-based company specializing in everything for your canine companions, pooches, pups, dogs, four-legged friends and man's best friend (yes, woman's best friend, too!). Our focus is on everything good - organic, eco-friendly, safe treats, toys, bedding, bath and travel items - for your pup!
But doesn't that sound like another pet supply store? What makes them different? Self-serve grooming:
Clean dogs are happy dogs! We supply everything you need and you do the scrubbing. No need to clean up, we’ll take care of it. We’ll even throw in a free face scrub – on the house.
Their online store has been active since April but launches officially on August 1. Proprietor Steve Davis tells us to look for increased activity and neighborhood outreach in the next month. They plan to open in October. Direct inquiries to info@k9scrubclub.com.

K9 Scrub Club
1734 Church St
(415) 690-8904


K9 Scrub Club said...

Thanks for the press! We are very excited to be coming into the neighborhood and can't wait to meet everyone!

-K9 Scrub Club

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the neighborhood! You should see a steady flow of dirty dogs coming out of the Upper Noe dog park... including mine.

Anonymous said...

Just what we need.....not

Anonymous said...

Yes, and you should also see all the dog shit left on the sidewalks by lazy dog owners, all over NV!

Anonymous said...

And somehow that means there's no need for a business that supports dog owners? K9 has an opportunity to educate owners, organize clean-ups, etc. How is this a bad thing?

Sometimes I think NV blog commenters are worse than the SFGate commenters. Seriously - who peed in your Wheaties?

Anonymous said...

i am curious if drewers meats (7/23/11 blog entry) happened to take any of the great suggestions left by the commenters?
is the sign still in the window? did they update the interior? are they still offering to send faxes?

Anonymous said...

The k9 Scrub Club may not be a bad thing for Noe. That's sorta up to them and their success.

Whether they help educate dog owners to "curb their dog" and clean up after them each time is another story.

It really gets down to individual responsibility, don't you think? If you really need someone to "educate" you on dog laws, perhaps you should not be a dog owner in the first place.

K9 Scrub Club said...

We absolutely value everyone's comments and believe in responsible pet ownership - it is part of our core values.

We recognize that without the community, we would not exist and a large part of our business plan includes giving back to the community, organizing support events and encouraging the growth the existing small businesses. We also want to attract other small businesses that truly enrich the neighborhood and help increase property values, provide local services and make Noe Valley the great place that it is.

We welcome any comments and suggestions on how we can help improve Noe Valley - we really are very excited and hope that we add value to our neighbors, not detract from it.

Feel free to reach out to us anytime - we are very much available for community meetings and any other discussions you would like to include us in!

-K9 Scrub Club

Brooke & Jez said...

Sounds great! I wash my little dog in the kitchen sink, but we'll stop by and check out the food/treats/play area!