July 27, 2011

SFBG: Congrats 2011 Noe Valley Best Of Bay Winners

It's that time of year again -- the 37th Annual SF Bay Guardian Best of the Bay hit the newsstands today. Here are two Noe Valley businesses that made the Editors Picks:
What does it take to win a gazillion green business awards? It certainly starts with a great concept, a seriously vetted supply chain, and a commitment to spreading the eco-word. It also helps to have a pleasing storefront in Noe Valley, cute and eager staff, luscious products, and bulk-store prices without the forklifts and doublewide shopping carts. Green 11, launched by married couple Marco Pietschmann and Bettina Limaco and inspired by a Rachel Carson observation ("For the first time in history, every human being is being subjected to contact with dangerous chemicals, from the moment of conception to death."), offers soaps, cleaning supplies, pet food, shampoo, conditioners, and lotions, all ready for your refillable, affordable use. Bring your own containers or put for up a starter container at the store. 3980 24th St., SF. (415) 425-5195. www.shopgreen11.com

Stepping into cobbler Suzanne George's shop is like entering a hide-covered time warp. George crafts her clodhoppers in much the same way that shoes were made several hundred years ago. She works the leather by hand, stitching the pieces with thread and hammering it all together with actual nails. Not only are the shoes custom-made to fit every tootsie they encase, they are also unique pieces of art, nearly too lovely to take tramping on the dirty pavement. George shares her high-quality, low-technology workshop with Peter, a shoemaker originally from Italy who used to make sandals for Mother Teresa. Together they make some damn fine throwback sling-backs. 1787 Church, SF. (415) 775-1775. www.suzannegeorgeshoes.com

And of course the readers got to vote:

BEST BREAKFAST: Chloe's Café, 1399 Church, SF. (415) 648-4116
BEST WINE BAR: Noeteca, 1551 Dolores, SF. (415) 824-5524, www.noeteca.com
BEST BUTCHER SHOP: Drewes Bros. 1706 Church, SF. (415) 821-0515, www.drewesbros.com
BEST CLOTHING STORE (WOMEN): Ambiance, Various locations, SF. www.ambiancesf.com
BEST SHOE STORE: Shoe Biz, Various locations, SF. www.shoebizsf.com
BEST TOY STORE: The Ark, Various locations. www.thearktoys.com

All other winners are on SFBG's site. Congrats to all!


Anonymous said...

Ah..you're a little late on the Drewe's "best".