January 5, 2011

Noe Valley: Most Expensive Neighborhood in SF?

What's the best neighborhood in SF? Depends on what you're looking for, but if it's the least house for your money Noe is err... notable. From a 7x7 article about the 7 best neighborhoods in the city, Noe gets only this quick mention:
Most House for Your Money: NOPA ($243 per square foot, $635,000 median selling price) We all want to know where to buy. And SF’s newest neighborhood, replete with everything an urban dweller needs ... shakes out at only $243 per square foot. Compare that to $712 in Pac Heights and $899 in Noe Valley. It’s not surprising that nearby Western Addition, with its gritty image, closely trails Nopa at $322 per square foot, but it is surprising that chichi Nob Hill comes in at only $346. (That $346 probably won’t get you parking or green space, but hey, you can’t have everything.)
NOB HILL: $346 per square foot
[7x7: The 7 Best Neighborhoods in San Francisco]


Anonymous said...

that 7x7 article is six months old.

insidesfre said...

7x7 is calling Nopa "SF's newest neighborhood?" Are they familiar with the age of the homes there?

Price per square foot is not a good barometer if you're not discussing very similar properties, in my opinion. It's one thing to compare two SoMa lofts via price per sq foot, but that's about where the accuracy ends. Too many variables, depending on what neighborhood you're discussing.

Anonymous said...

The 7x7 article has numbers that just don't make any sense... in addition to what was already mentioned about price per square foot, my math from sales recorded in the MLS has NOPA coming in far above what is listed in the article... I wouldn't use the article for much more than, uh, tissue paper.