January 13, 2011

Bye Christmas

Yup, holidays are over. Last day for Christmas tree pickup is nigh. Can't be bothered to dispose of your dead holiday cheer before tomorrow's deadline? Just drag it to the corner and someone will get rid of it. Don't worry - no one will know it was you.

[Photo: elainewigzell]


Anonymous said...

"Just drag it to the corner and someone will get rid of it"? Please don't be so cavalier about what amounts to dumping. There's enough of that happening in the neighborhood without encouragement from this space. I hope the "can't be bothered" attitude doesn't continue to catch on.

- a 20+ year Noe Valley neighbor

Noe Valley, SF said...

Don't worry - we're not cavalier about this. Consider searching the blog for "dumping" or "christmas tree". Here's a little help:

January 7, 2009: "Contrast that with the apathy of those who have dragged their trees to the curb on any old day and in any condition. Apparently these people haven't read the newsletter that comes with their trash bill (owners) or tried to find the information online (all others). They can't be bothered."

December 23, 2009: "What shouldn't you do? Don't just drag your poor dead tree to the corner and cover it in plastic like the cheap thrill it was."

December 29, 2010: "If you bought a live Christmas Tree or Hanukkah Bush for the holidays, don't just toss it on a random corner when no one's looking (we've already seen a few sad castoffs this season)."

Anonymous said...

I fear that something horrible will happen to my sense of humor in the next twelve years.

8+ year Noe Valley Neighbor

Anonymous said...

8+ year Noe Neighbor, that was hilarious (and terrifying).