January 14, 2011

Crime Beat: Home Invasion

Rebecca wrote to let us know:
...my home was invaded by an intruder about 3:00am this morning. My fiance and I were asleep and woke up with someone in our bedroom. Luckily we weren't hurt but they did get away with a few items. We live at 23rd between Dolores and Chattanooga (closer to Dolores). We have always felt very safe...but now, not so much.
She also explained that the intruder went through the front door.

Whether or not it's relevant in this case, it's worth pointing out that keys are easily copied. Got a nanny? Gardener? Are you a new renter? Change the locks. Oh but you trust your nanny/gardener/landlord? What about everyone they know?

Waking up to a stranger in your bedroom is frightening. Protect yourself.


Anonymous said...

is that a picture of Rebecca's front door?

Anonymous said...

of course that's not a picture of her door. that picture is put there to scare you. rebecca left her front door unlocked.

Anonymous said...