December 10, 2010

Noe Foodie News

Looking for gifts for the foodies on your list for the holidays? Noe Valley got two mentions in the NY Times' A Very Foodie Christmas story today:
On a recent ham crawl through Spain with Jose Andres, Chris Cosentino was appalled to learn that back fat of Iberico de Bellota pigs is used as sausage filler. He decided to rescue the misused treasure, import it and render it the best lardo possible. At Incanto, he wraps the velvety tissue around Asian pears and adds red clover, a sprinkle of sea salt and good olive oil. His wife, Tatiana Graf, suggests you simply apply a cool sliver to a grilled slice of crusty bread. $49 per pound.

When cookbook collectors or obsessive readers of food literature want to find obscure gems or culinary heirlooms, they hit up Noe Valley’s Omnivore Books. After much nagging on the part of her devotees, the owner Celia Stack [sic] has finally conceded to running a cookbook-of-the-month program, with a welcome twist: each pick is signed by its author. $120 annually.

[NY Times: A Very Foodie Christmas]