December 3, 2010

Rumor: Urban Cellars Vanishes?

A reader tipped us to this item about Urban Cellars (a.k.a. the wine store with the usually corny signs):

Did you see that the wine shop on 24th (between Chuch and Vicksburg) has a notice of uncollected rent from the landlord. Looks like they moved out in the middle of the night?

Urban Cellars has had a rocky year including getting its liquor license suspended in February 2010 and in Sept 2009 for selling alcohol to minors. And we saw a firesale happening there last weekend (50% off most merchandise) that didn't look like it could be good for business.

Anyone have any more details?

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ben said...

This doesn't surprise me, sadly. The last time I was in there the woman working there apologized for their lack of selection and aid they had just changed owners "again", and, sure enough, the shelves were pretty bare.

It used to be an excellent store but it really had gone downhill over the last while. Shame.

Mark said...

I actually went their tonight to get some wine but there is a sign on the door, essentially an eviction notice and they had 3 days to pay rent or something like that.

Nick said...

They've been in a weird place since the last owner was deported. According to an employee, the current owner (last 6 months or so) was planning on getting out of the business and had plans to sell it to "the guy upstairs" - literally, someone who lived above the place and didn't have any experience with running a business, let alone a wine store.

Sounds like maybe the handoff between the two parties was botched?

Sean said...

A rocky year? They've been in and out of trouble for the 6-plus years I've lived in the neighborhood. The place is shady.

rocky's dad said...

Rocky had nothing to do with this. He doesn't drink that much, anyway.

Nails Doverspike said...

It was a Three Day Notice to Quit or Pay Rent. The owner quit within three days. Bye Bye.

Anonymous said...

Was in there a week or two ago and the place smelled of the all-to-familiar desperation of a business going under. The wine selection was abysmal (used to be good) and I couldn't find anything I wanted and went to Plumpjacks instead. Sad to see it go. It used to a great little store.