March 20, 2010

Tidbits: Changes on 24th Street

When Modern Was (Opened): A second location of the vintage and consignment store on Church Street is now open in the old Riki space. Same basic stuff as the Church store, better presentation. 4037 24th St. between Noe & Castro.

Cooks Boulevard (Closed):
The kitchen store is now officially closed; a For Lease sign is in the window.

Circle Bank (Under Construction):
The two spaces that held Aveda and Noe Valley Video are under construction and being combined to create Circle Bank (with an ATM spot taking up half of the storefront). A sign in the window says "Opening Spring 2010." The bank is also jumping right into the community as one of the main sponsors of the 3rd annual Easter Egg hunt at Douglass Playground (10AM to noon, Saturday April 3).


Anonymous said...

Just what 24th street needs - another bank - give me a break.