December 23, 2009

PSA: Sunset Scavenger Holiday Collection Schedule And Tree Disposal

The folks at Sunset Scavenger were kind enough to provide the following information regarding disposal of all the dead trees in neighborhood living rooms:
Christmas tree collection will take place on Jan. 4-8 and Jan. 11-15. Please place clean, unflocked trees next to your carts when you take them to the curb for your regularly scheduled pickup. Be sure to remove all tinsel, decorations, plastic bags, stands, and lights. If your tree is over 6 feet, please cut it in half. Christmas trees collected through this special pick up program will be taken to Recology San Francisco, fondly known as the city dump, where they will be chipped. Recology San Francisco then transfers the chips to a waste-to-energy facility in Tracy, CA.
What shouldn't you do? Don't just drag your poor dead tree to the corner and cover it in plastic like the cheap thrill it was.

In related news, trash collection will not happen on Christmas and New Year's Day. Instead, your regular Friday pickup will happen on Saturday 12/26/09 and 1/2/10. Regular collection (with tree pickup) resumes on 1/4/09. Full information here.

[NVSF: Fun with Analytics: Christmas Trees]
Photo: SFRecycling]


Anonymous said...

Out tree was left by the curb this morning (Monday), but was not picked up. Assume this means it will be later this week?? WEB site is no help.

malia said...

is your regular trash/recycling day on monday? they'll pick up your tree along with your garbage and recycling, so put it out that day.

Anonymous said...

The garbage/recycling truck and the compost truck both came and went this morning (7-Jan) on our block without picking up any of the Christmas trees left by the bins. There were 4 or 5 trees on our block.

Unknown said...

Ours wasn't picked up either. Anyone has info?

Anonymous said...

We left ours out and it was not picked up with our usual morning pickup but they came by midafternoon and got our tree and others on our street. Our pick up day was Wednesday.

Debra Baida said...

If only Sunset Scavenger/Recology's website had half the information you have provided. Thank you for providing a useful and vital community service.

(I don't have a tree to dispose of, but I'm curious to know what happens to them!)

Godot said...


I believe what happens to old xmas trees picked up by SS is similar to the soylent green story: mulched and "recycled" to help grow more trees.

Anonymous said...

what's with that line "like the cheap thrill it was"? that's rude and judgmental.