December 5, 2009

Field Trip: Sunnyside Conservatory

A short walk over the hill (through Glen Park) today brought us to the dedication of the freshly-restored, 111-year old, Sunnyside Conservatory. There were ladies in Victorian dress, tea cakes, throngs of eager neighbors, and luminaries including Gavin Newsom, Bevan Dufty, Mark Leno and Fiona Ma.

The redwood octagon conservatory is on a terraced park surrounded by an exotic garden. As one visitor put it, it's a "hauntingly beautiful architectural wonder" and an "amazing piece of Victoriana that brings you back to a time when San Francisco was a kinder and gentler place." The original building was set to be demolished in 1979 to make way for an apartment complex, but neighborhood residents rallied and convinced the City to buy the site in 1980.

It's nice to see the Conservatory restored. It wouldn't have happened if neighbors hadn't fought for the money and resources to make it happen. You can read about the history on SFGate and the Sunnyside Conservatory site.

[Official Site: Sunnyside Conservatory]