December 13, 2009

Closing: Cary Lane

After just over a year in Noe, today was the last day for hip discount clothing store Cary Lane on 24th St. Owner Cary LaScala hasn't found a new location yet, but hopes to move the fashion shop to (hipper) Hayes Valley, or the (hipster) Valencia corridor within a few weeks to a month. Look for the new location to be posted on the store's web site when it's available. No word yet on what if anything will fill the space at 3813 24th St @Church.

S'long, Cary Lane, we hardly knew ye.

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Mark said...

They are moving to Hayes Valley sometime in January. He said the rent is like half the price over there. I for one am bummed that this store is closing shop here. Don't get me wrong, I love living in the NV but it is in much need of some edge.

Anonymous said...

It needs some edge, alright, which is why I'm amazed a hip boutique chose NV in the first place (news flash: new moms are not the most fashion conscious demographic). How often do you see the parents of NV wearing cool clothes & shoes like Cary Lane sold?

Anonymous said...

Sad to see this store go. Cary has always been very friendly every time I've gone in, and his prices are more than reasonable. Good luck in Hayes Valley!

Anonymous said...

Location, location, location... Yes, NV mommy's are not known for their trending styles, but being on the far end of the 24th strip next to a sketchy food mart didn't help.

Anonymous said...

Why is the long-time grocery store next door with the friendly Arab guys "sketchy", while somehow the easy-come-easy-go JAH (Just Another Hipster) shop is the respectable one losing business by association with the former? Maybe it was the other way around.

I personally couldn't bring myself to step into Cary Lane, too dark and aloof from the outside. Maybe it was much friendlier inside, but it doesn't matter if potential customers can't find a reason to step through the doorway.