November 17, 2009

UNN Meeting: Parking Around Town

Upper Noe Neighbors is meeting for the last time this year on Thursday. The agenda isn't specific to Noe but will likely affect Noe Valley residents as they move around the City. As UNN member Eileen Bermingham puts it:
There are a couple of parking studies underway to determine what's best for accommodating parking, transit and revenue needs in the City now and in the near future. One is particularly controversial in that it will look at extending parking meter hours in various neighborhoods. Representatives from both the Municipal and County Transportation Authorities will be present. The SFMTA will discuss their initiatives and study that includes extended meter hours; SFCTA will talk about their larger parking study.
What: Upper Noe Neighbors Meeting
Where: Upper Noe Rec Center (Day @ Sanchez).
When: Thursday Nov 19 at 7:30PM

As always, if you attend please send us minutes for posting.

[SFCTA: On-Street Parking Management and Pricing Study]


insidesfre said...

Thanks for the post. We hope to see your readers at our meeting. I'll take some notes and will send you the upshot on Friday.--Eileen, UNN Board