November 30, 2009

Tidbits: Post-Thanksgiving Roundup

Bevan Dufty wants your input on the final draft of the shuttle bus Strategic Analysis Report. In his monthly newsletter Bevan states: "This report will come for discussion and possible approval on Tuesday, December 8th at the SFCTA's Plans and Programs meeting 10:30 a.m. in room 263 of City Hall. You can testify in person or provide comments in advance to" The most succinct analysis we've seen of the report is from SF Weekly's The Snitch.

The NVMPA, too, would like your input. This time the subject is proposed parking changes. Survey here.

Friends of Billy Goat Hill wants your help cleaning, restoring and planting trees this winter. January 16 is planting day on the the Hill with SFNAP and Friends of the Urban Forest. Details here.

China Wok: Slightly improved since last inspected. Still...ick.

History underfoot: Carl Nolte provides more info on the ironworks of yore.

Finally, Susanne Madux sent us the above photo of the Hope Valley in Derbyshire, England. Why? The River Noe runs through it. Susanne would like to point out that there isn't a nails/waxing to be seen anywhere in that particular Noe valley.

[SFCTA The Role of Shuttle Services in San Francisco ]
[NVSF: Update: Shuttle Study]
Photo: RoyStone]


Anonymous said...

Apparently, Castleton, the main village in the Hope Valley, has a hypnotherapy practice. Can that count as some sort of bond between the valleys?

Anonymous said...

Wow. Where was that picture taken? I want to go there ... now.