November 24, 2009

Crime Beat

Information is from Mission and Ingleside District San Francisco Police Station newsletters.

November 20

Theft from Building
-- 7:00 am. 1500 blk of Church. Officers Lim and Fuentes were sent to investigate a theft. The victim told the officer that he locked his bikes on a wall rack. When the victim
returned he discovered that the bikes were missing. No suspects were observed.

Robbery with a gun -- 9:00 am. Church @ 27th Street. Officer Morgante was sent to investigate a robbery case. The victim told officers she boarded Muni and that she had her I-Phone in her hand. The
suspect stood in front of her and pulled out a revolver. The suspected took her phone and then fled in an unknown direction.
More information about the robbery on SFAppeal.

[SFAppeal: Muni Says Friday's J-Church Armed Robbery Caught On Tape, But Will We Ever See The Footage?]
[Photo: TimOfLegend]


Anonymous said...

I know crime is up, but whipping out a gun in a commuter train is quite brazen. I think Bevan might have latched on to a timely issue.

Anonymous said...

does anyone know if there is an online 'form' that can be filled out for minor auto break-ins, etc? I could call the non-emergency police phone number but wanted to see if there was a quick/easy online form first. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

nevermind - found it!

Anonymous said...

How about giving us a link - SF's crime waves will keep washing up on our shores, while the economy's still in the tank. I bet a few more people in the neighborhood will be looking for that form...

Noe Valley, SF said...

To file a report online:

Anonymous said...

Someone just got stabbed on the J-Church - like that little boy on 14 Mission. Looks like could be the same perp:

Look out people, this one sadist especially likes to take it out on the weak and vulnerable.