March 6, 2009

Incanto: Foie Gras, Sustainability & Free Choice

Mark Pastore is getting tired of dealing with "guests [who] ask pointedly whether or not a product we serve is 'sustainable,' ready to pounce on the slightest stutter in our response." In Incanto's latest Letter, Mark makes a strong argument for the right to serve (and consume) foie gras without guilt. We particularly like this paragraph:
Reasonable people can disagree over the ethics of one's chosen diet and the various practices of farmers, whether those farmers produce meat, fruits, or vegetables. Fundamentally, we believe that individuals ought to be free to determine how to live their lives, including their diet. If we live in a society that tolerates the death of 40,000 people to die each year for the right to convenient travel, how can we sacrifice our right to taste, to choice, and to dietary self-determinism?
Kudos to Incanto for injecting an adult voice back into the conversation around "sustainable" food. Follow the link below to read the entire article.

[Incanto: Shock & Foie]


Tamagosan said...

So well said. Incanto can do no wrong IMO. (The foie gras/trotter appetizer I had there recently was GENIUS.) But with them, it's so much more than purely serving the food, which is what makes that restaurant a true neighborhood treasure.