January 3, 2017

Fattoush Calls It Quits, Sasa's Pizza To Take Over The Space

A new development in the drawn out saga of Fattoush, closed due to fire for over a year.  Neighbors have noticed intermittent work behind the papered-over windows over the last couple months. Apparently someone complained to the DBI, which prompted a new permit application filed on 12/29/16 to "ADD WOOD BURNING PIZZA OVEN TO EXISTING RESTAURANT SPACE FOR NEW TENANT." Another permit filed on 11/30/16 indicates that the business will be called Sasa's Pizza.

And that's all we can find so far. Anyone have more information? Are you reading this, Sasa's Pizza? Please contact us.

That is unless you're behind these pizzas. We really don't want know more.


J said...

So sad to officially get the news of Fattoush's closing. I was hoping against hope that it would reopen.