January 28, 2017

Closing: Green11 Noe Valley

Here’s some bittersweet news: After 7 years in Noe Valley, Bettina Limaco is closing Green11, the bulk refill shop for bath, body, and home cleaning products that are cruelty free and made in the USA at 3980 24th St (next door to Just for Fun).

The reason? It’s not rising rent or a greedy landlord. There are good reasons, and even praise for the landlord. Here’s here official announcement below about the top 3 reasons Green11 Noe Valley is closing (click the image to see it full size).

That’s a charming goodbye note and a classy way to let the neighborhood know why the store is closing. Best of luck, Bettina, with your new store and projects!

[Photos via Green11]


Anonymous said...

Oh no.............I just started six weeks ago using your wonderful products. my hair has never been better using your shampoo, my scalp is recovering after the dermatologist recommended a very harsh product., I discovered the benefits of Frankinsence and myrr oils.....
Please let me know where you will be located,
Once little criticism I did not know what the shampoo is called or the scalp cream.......I need to continue using them. Thank you, thank you. Mpg

Anonymous said...

Hi MPG, this is Bettina. Could you call me? I want to make sure you know where to find your products. Please call 415.425.5195