August 15, 2015

This Week In Noe Valley: The Drones Have Arrived - And Boy Is It Hot

News from, about and for Noe Valley from around the interwebs:
[Photo: Noe Valley summer day via mascioni]


Anonymous said...

I can only imagine how not vapid, not flat, not angular, and not sterile the original interior of that remuddled house was.

Anonymous said...

The front exterior personifies the new Noe Valley copycat color scheme - all dark gray with an accent color on the front door. How creative.

Anonymous said...

To victoriavaneyk and her drone Henrietta. Please do not fly your drone over our residential neighborhoods.
Thank you for your consideration of our privacy and right to be in our yards without wondering if someone's drone is watching. Creepy, just creepy. Don't add to the creepiness.