August 27, 2015

Moving: Video Wave to Relocate Inside Buttons Candy Bar

Finally some good news on the small retail front instead of another closure or eviction: Video Wave of Noe Valley, which has been renting videos and DVDs at 1431 Castro St for 27 (!) years has found a new home – centrally located on 24th Street. A sharp-eyed reader sent this from the Video Wave Facebook page:
"We are excited and relieved to tell you that we signed a lease today with Buttons Candy Bar at 4027 24th street, 2 blocks from our present location. That means we have a place to move to, and to stay in business in!. We will be closed from Monday August 24th until our re-opening in the new location, which is planned for Tuesday September 1st! 
Stay tuned! We've received great support, enough financial help to get us into the space. We might have to raise money to help with the move, a new store space, and to offset the time we are closed, but let's cross that bridge later. For now, relief! And we get to get away from the Landlord That Shall Not Be Named!"
Nice to see owner Gwen Sanderson and the Video Wave team find a new home, and  the candy + movie combo could be a hit.

Video Wave of Noe Valley
4027 24th Street

[Photo: Holdn2aces]


Dani said...

This is a really awesome example of community support for small business. Back them up by cashing in on all the movie knowledge Video Wave brings to the market! Plus cool candy? Wonderful. We wish you both the best!

Sam C. said...

Great news. They're really a treasure and glad to see them holding up in the face of increasingly limited offerings for the weird and wonderful on streaming.

Steve said...

This IS good news. The streaming choices seem to be very limited (and hardly ever changes). The more central location has way more foot traffic which should help out a lot. Good luck to Video Wave.