February 19, 2015

Closing: Successories

More changes on 24th Street: A sign in the window of Successories (formerly The Jewelry Box) announces that Pamela Winston-Charbonneau is moving her custom jewelry and gift shop from 3904 24th St to a new location in Pacifica on March 1st. The building, which is owned by the operators of St. Clair’s liquor next door, will be demolished to make way for new condos and retail space. Next door, the pop-up kids clothing store TugTug also recently vacated to Guerrero St. To be clear - the permit filed last May requests to demolish the one-story building that houses Successories and replace it with a new 3 story addition to the building that includes St Clair's (said permit languishes in Planning for now).

In happier news, another sign in the window also announces that Pamela and her work will be at the De Young on April 14. Stop by for details if you're curious.

Meanwhile, further down 24th at the corner of Church St, the windows at Happy Donuts are still papered over and the sign that said donuts were returning on January 25 is no longer there. We know there are more than a few people who would like to see the home of the best glazed donut in SF return soon.


Unknown said...

I miss Happy Donuts, especially the elegant Cambodian server and the maple and chocolate old fashions.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see more housing coming in above the retail, as we need more housing, and we'll get that retail storefront back.

Really hopeful that Happy Donuts comes back.