August 19, 2013

Closed: Tung Sing Restaurant

It survived a shutdown by the health department but not gentrification: Noe Valley's last steamtable Chinese takeout and restaurant, Tung Sing, has closed. A printed sign in the window at 4105 24th St declares simply that the restaurant will be closed from Aug 18 – 30, but a For Rent sign is already in the window.

Judging from the reviews on Yelp, there weren't many fans of the place anymore, although a few remember it fondly ("...if you are ever enticed to the restaurant behind the take out area, and the wooden screens, you may find food that is made to order, and fabulous...").

We overhead a neighbor out front saying the place has been there for more than 35 years. End of an era.

Update (8/24): The for rent sign is down, but the "closed for remodeling" signs remain. There is evidence of painters inside and all the food serving trays have been preserved under plastic sheets. Maybe not for rent after all?

Update (8/30): Open for business. The NVV reports that the sign was for an apartment upstairs, poorly placed by an agent.


Anonymous said...

I tried to give Tung Sing a chance a few times when I first moved to Noe Valley 15 yrs ago but it was just terrible every time. I am Chinese and for good, authentic, and reasonably priced Chinese food I usually leave this neighborhood and head for the Sunset or Richmond. Sure, Eric's is nice but it isn't the type of food I'm looking for... the 5-8 course family meal written in Chinese on the wall that my dad has to translate. I would love another Chinese restaurant to replace it, a better one. A Vietnamese Pho restaurant would be phenomenal and something this neighborhood is sorely lacking!

Anonymous said...

A fond memory, about a decade ago, of paying with a twenty and having the server pass me change OVER the trays, only to have a quarter fall into the schezuan beef.

Ate vegetarian that day but never went back after that..

Anonymous said...

I love the place. Been many times. Always get it to go, but could the lady up front be a little less rude. It's a turn off and I stopped going. Maybe with the renovations, she'll develop a new attitude. LOL!

Anonymous said...

I agree. The food is pretty decent, but the service is poor. POOR. With so many options nearby, one would think that the customer would be more of a priority.