August 1, 2012

Tao Cafe Closed - New Venture A Mystery

The windows at 1000 Guerrero have been papered-over for weeks and a sign in the window promises "an exciting new venture in August." Said new venture is still a mystery. A search online brought us to a Zagat post that is both off-key and clueless. The listed phone number rings unanswered, emails to the folks at Tao aren't returned and we haven't been able to connect with anyone on site.

Here's what we know: Tao's beer and wine license is still active; and the only permit on file with the DBI is for a plumber to "change-out fixtures." Tao Cafe's website states they're looking for a "new home for a re-birth," so a rebranding by the same owners is unlikely.

Please add what you know to the comments. If you're involved with the project please contact us on email.

It's a great location (remember waiting for Flying Saucer?). Whatever opens has great neighbors in The Liberties, Kiji Sushi and others and could do very well.

[Photo: Yelp]


Anonymous said...

I talked briefly with the owner and they definitely have a plan for something new. But it was a bit unclear what it was.