August 27, 2012

2-Alarm Fire On Jersey St

It's been a busy day for sirens in Noe Valley. First there was a shooter on the loose on Church Street, and then this afternoon a 2-alarm fire broke out on the top floor of a three-story building at 276 Jersey St. The fire started at around 2:35pm and spread to a second building before being extinguished by firefighters within an hour. According to witnesses in the vicinity, there weren't many flames - just lots of smoke. As of late this afternoon, you can still smell it in the area.

Fortunately it appears no one was hurt and The Red Cross was on the scene to help displaced residents. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

Update: A SF fire department spokesperson told CBS that the fire caused an estimated $151,000 in damage to the first building and destroyed $77,000 worth of contents. The adjacent building sustained about $132,000 in structural damage and $63,000 in damage to its contents.

[2-Alarm Fire Burns Residential Buildings In San Francisco Noe Valley - CBS]
[Photo of the fire damaged buildings - NVSF]


Anonymous said...

Actually the fire started at 280 Jersey; I live on the block. It was electrical.

Norine Traci-maloney said...

There was another fire at 1086 noe and there was most definitely fire. It started about 11am and it burnt out the 2nd floor. 1 bedroom was complete ash and the rest had been destroyed by water and smoke. And damages from when firefighters were trying to put out the fire. It was electrical. No house next door caught on fire but the downstairs tenants have water and smoke damage that ruined their place as well. The 3rd floor had s hole in the floor and smOke damage. Doreen king-roberts and her 2 sons ages 12&15 have been staying with friends moving every couple days. Insurance is going to pay for housing for a year. If u know of a 2 bedroom home please contact Me at norinemaloney@