May 30, 2012

Closing: Kohler-Jones (Bring Back Mikeytom!)

A reader alerts us to this change on outer Church Street:
I noticed this morning that the Kohler-Jones furniture and design store on Church at Day was empty and closed. Won't miss them, they had crappy furniture and crappy customer service! Bring back Mikey-Tom's!!!
Let's hope it's not another nail salon or real estate office.
It's not clear why Kohler-Jones pulled up stakes so quickly, but there's now a 'For Lease' sign in the window and the Kohler website and phone are still live as of this writing.

As for the "Mikey-Tom's" the reader refers to - that was Mikeytom Market, a local grocer and neighborhood market at 1747 Church owned by Mike Meischke and Tom Maravilla (the Mike and Tom in Mikeytom). It closed in May 2003 after the store was hit with a hefty rent hike.

We don't see Mikeytom returning anytime soon, but it's fun to wonder what might land there. A restaurant? A grocer? A wine shop? A cheese store? What do you want to see?

Update: $6800 for 2350 sq ft per Craigslist post:
Prime Restaurant/Retail space on Church & Day st. (1747 Church) in Noe Valley near 30th st. Ideal space for restaurant. Corner location across the street from Toast restaurant. Regent Thai, Eric's and Encanto [sic] restaurants are nearby. You must see to appreciate the potential for this location. The space is approximately 2,350 sq. ft. For contact: call Peter at 415-577-8898

[Photo: Yelp]
[NVV: Mikeytom's Struggle to Survive]


Anonymous said...

It's a shame MikeyTom was forced out by Mr Kung back in the day.
Kharma was subsequently delivered by Whole Foods ripping the guts (read "minor profitability") out of his family's Cheese Store on 24th Street.

Regarding future use of this space I wouldn't be surprised to see this space go Residential, assuming it's appropriately zoned. Three condo's w/parking would probably "pencil out" to borrow the pathetic phrase developers like to trot out.

It would be a brave restaurateur trying to make that space work.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of old closed markets, what about the one at Sanchez and Day? It's looking very, very shady nowadays...

Anonymous said...

How about La Ciccia moving to a larger, better space?

Anonymous said...

Different people behind the cheese shop and this building. Yes, brothers, but not business partners:

Anonymous said...

is ~$3 per square foot the market rate for upper noe? dont know the commercial market well but is that high?

Anonymous said...

There is NO market at Sanchez and Day.

Anonymous said...

Hoping for restaurant! Something yummy, where you can get a burger for carry out or dinner after 6pm during the week. Okay, most any restaurant would be great, I wish we could bring Cafe Gratitude here or something healthy & yummy. Or maybe a boutique-type market with meats & fresh prepared food that compliments Church Produce.