May 21, 2012

The Mystery Of 1513 Church St

After Loft 1513 moved to 24th St, Vivid Floral Design leased the space and began to prepare it for opening. Then at the end of April they vacated and a For Lease sign reappeared. No more Vivid. For the last few weeks there's been activity (mostly IKEA furniture assembly) and the space looks ready for use again. But for what?

Since we saw mail on the doorstep addressed to Blue Realty Group we contacted CEO Joseph Blue. His response was unequivocal and offered no further information: "NO WE ARE NOT MOVING INTO NOE VALLEY THANK YOU." Nearby merchants who have spoken to workers state that the space will be a realty office. [Update 5/22: This morning there's a new sign in the window for Realty World - BLUE.]

As for Vivid... Don at Heliotrope says that Vivid was threatened by two steps at the entrance and an ADA lawsuit. We're still trying to reach the owner of Vivid to confirm, and will post updates as we get them.

Anyone else have info?


Anonymous said...

If you are wondering why banks & realtors keep moving in, look no further than the two steps/ADA rumor. Of course everyone wants everyone to have access to shops - no one is debating that. But what % of customers need this access and could that access be achieved without doing expensive construction on steps that have been there for decades and a swift lawsuit? Who can afford to do business in this environment? guessed it!

Anonymous said...

Hate to stay anonymous, but I own a business just down the street and am indeed being sued by the ADA folks, even after months of work & negotiations. I don't blame them from being scared off - it is a menace that is creeping up Church Street, and no one at any govt. level will lift a finger to help the merchants.

Anonymous said...

The ADA started out good but as always, it only takes a few to ruin it. I too have disabilities but I don't expect everybody to bend over for me. The needs of the many out weight the needs of the few. If your that bad, stay home.

Anonymous said...

The ADA is 20 years old now. If your building or business is still not in compliance, you deserve to get sued.