March 29, 2012

This Week In Noe Valley

Noe Valley news from the interwebs:
[Photo: @newdoorsf]


Anonymous said...

Murphstahoe, the kind of neighbor everyone wants! He sees cars stuck on 24th trying to get into Whole Foods (figure almost all are driven by Noe Valley residents) so he would "send out DPT or SFPD as appropriate and ticket offenders ... Whole Foods' customers will start getting expensive tickets."

Perhaps he thinks blocking off 24th at Noe so that traffic becomes even worse, so that every car leaving Whole Foods and wanting to drive south has to continue on 24th to Castro is a solution.

Anonymous said...

Yes. he's our fave NV neighbor:

Loves being a local policeman to do away with all cars. hates cars, well except for his own.

Talks incessantly on Streetsblog about bikes are the ultimate and only mode of transit.

Complains constantly about any and every thing about Cal train.

Hates Woodside.

whines constantly on his little stinky self indulgent blog.

wants to close off our public streets for a "public plaza".

Great neighbor, indeed.

Paul said...

Props to Murphstahoe for using a real identity when posting and not hiding his opinions behind anon comments.

Anonymous said...

And so you post as "Paul" and your profile is not available.


Posting as a real name is no more valid than posting anonymously.

murphstahoe said...
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Noe Nate said...

Let's all be civil towards murphstahoe and direct our anger against Noe Valley's real Darth Vader: the Cookie Time Truck Girl.

Anonymous said...

Comparing the Cookie Time Truck Girl to Darth Vader? Wow, you people must lead very uneventful lives. Get a life and smile! Get a cookie!

Noe Nate said...

I was simply saying that $3 cookies are evil.

Here's some more Noe Valley Star Wars comps...

Elizabeth Street Brewery is the Han Solo: rogue, widely admired.

Tuggey's is Luke: classic look, kind of whiny.

Real Estate Offices are all stormtroopers: annoying, everywhere.

Scott Wiener is Yoda: mysterious, wise.

Whole Foods is the Death Star: evil at the top, but nice employees.

Real Food Company is Tatooine: desert, who knows what's inside.

Nail Salons are Jedis: everywhere, well-liked by most women.

Phillz is Hayden Christensen: not nearly as good as the competitors.

Anyone have other ideas?

Anonymous said...

Panzer is Jabba the Hut.

Anonymous said...

Gets so tiring to hear over and over people calling successful businesses like Whole Foods or Starbucks or other stores "evil".

And yet, all kinds of Noe Valleans shop there and enjoy the products and services. Are these people also "evil".

The evil comment is tiring, boring, useless and typical of unhappy people.

Noe Nate said...

If you want positive comments, just wait until we get that self-serve, weigh-your-cup, FroYo place. That's something I'm willing to get behind. I plan on raving about it constantly. The new yogurt place will be like Pizza the Hut: totally delicious.

Anonymous said...

Ok, we get your sarcasm Noe Nate. What's your point?