March 14, 2012

Opening Saturday: Noe Valley Wine Merchants

We've been watching the space at 3821 24th St since last summer when Eater SF announced that Urban Cellars would become Noe Valley Wine Merchants. And while the space has been ready since last fall, the ABC license was finalized just last week. Today Eater announced NV Wine Merchant will open this Saturday:
The rebirth of Urban Cellar as Noe Valley Wine Merchants (3821 24th St.) is set for this Saturday. New owner and 24-year retail wine biz vet James Mead has renovated the space to include a tasting room where he plans on holding bi-weekly tasting events. Mead says the store will also stock some spirits geared toward the "home mixologist" as well as "99 bottles of micro- and craft-brewed beers."
[ESF: Coming Soon: Noe Valley Wine Merchants]


Anonymous said...

Went in on Saturday, and unless you count individual beers in the six packs, they are nowhere close to "99 bottles of micro- and craft-brewed beers."

Hopefully they are still building out, because there are much larger/better beer selections elsewhere in Noe already.

Ragnar said...

Wow Anonymous sounds like you have 99 problems but a beer ain't one of them.

Anonymous said...

Ragnar, was that comment really necessary? As it says in the guidelines, "Please be civil."

Anonymous said...

The point I was making above is that the article had quoted the statement: "99 bottles of micro- and craft-brewed beers." As I quote, I assumed this was what the representative form MVW Merchants said.

When I found far less, I was confused, and wondered why the big difference.

There are many places in SF to get craft beer, including a great selection at Whole Foods on 24th, as well as a decent selection at Plumpjack.

Obviously they just opened, so I will go check it out again down the road, in hopes their beer selection gets closer to the number they quoted. And, in general, I am happy they are open in Noe.