January 23, 2012

Photos: Inside The Luxe

Eileen Bermingham toured the new condos at 28th and Church this morning and posted preview photos on her blog. She states a professional photographer was setting up when she left, and that theluxesf.com should have photos soon.

What's not explained is why the developer changed the building's marquis by adding an "e" since the name was chosen for historical significance:
The name "The Lux" for those of you who do not know, was one of the several names of the building when it operated as a movie theater back in the early 1900's.
Whatever. Still classier than "blue church."

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Anonymous said...

"Ferrari with a baby seat. That's Noe Valley for ya." Really?

Anonymous said...

I know. I agree. Pretty stupid "description" of our great neighborhood.

Can the writers of this blog be any less creative than that?

Probably, yes.

Anonymous said...

In over 30 years I can't recall ever seeing a Ferrari in Noe Valley, nevermind one with a baby seat.

Anonymous said...

There are so many sharp corners in this kitchen, it might be considered a safety hazard!