January 27, 2012

Crime Beat: Mission Station’s Newsletter Goes Real-Time(ish)

SFPD announced this month that Captain Greg Corrales is retiring and Captain Bob Moser would take over at Mission Station. In addition to congratulations, we suggested that they update the format of the newsletter to include more useful information about crime in the neighborhood. We obviously can’t take all the credit, but we’re pleased to see that the Mission station now has a daily crime blog. Check it out:
Mission Station is moving in a new direction regarding the format of how we deliver the Captain's Newsletter. You can find this week's newsletter by clicking on the link below. The blog format will allow the reader to follow along notable incidents that occur in the district on a daily basis. Please check back as often as you like. This notification will arrive in your in box every two weeks. We thank you in advance for your patience as we transition into this new format and as always your input and feedback is valued and appreciated.
[SFPD: Captain's News]
[Twitter: SFPD_Mission]


Jack said...

I'm happy that Mission Station has decided to spread this information, but they need to set up and send out a daily newsletter like Ingleside Station, which is basically a copy of the blotter.

Jeff said...

Welcome Captain Moser!
I am asking him and the readers of this blog to help stop cars, etc. from passing the J Church cars while people are exiting. We have all seen it at Clipper St. and 27th St. I have seen several near misses in the evening commutes including children and mothers lowering out babies in strollers! I pressed this issue with Bevan and after a year or two the City agreed to put down those white stripes as a compromise. But just last night at 6 pm, in the dark, a taxicab passed my unloading J car at 27th but stopped half way up the J car to unload his passengers. With those newer J cars having 4 doors, including one at the very end, there is very little reaction time for them to see and stop and little room to not get hit. The deal is Church is not a 4 lane street! The police need to crack down. Set up stakeouts. Given that NV is split between two stations at Cesar Chavez, I thing we have trouble getting a stakeout. I ask for others in NV including this blog to help. I have pictures of the cab on my phone but the plate number didn't come out but it was a Yellow cab SUV. It looks like the number on the back driver side tailgate was 843. These are "professional" drivers and should know better! What will it take to better protect exiting passengers?

Anonymous said...

I'm also hoping the new Captain keeps our one and only beat copy Lorraine Lombardo in Noe Valley and doesn't assign her to the Mission. She has been here 18 years and we really appreciate having someone around who knows our neighbrohood.

Anonymous said...

I would like to echo Jeff...it's ridiculous that in San Francisco we have to point out the drivers that disobey the traffic laws. Each and every night, I see vehicles pass the J-Church on the right side. And most often it's taxis. Taxi drivers need to be educated about safety issues - they are the worst!!

Dean Clark said...

Welcome Captain Moser, It was not to hear you today at Pecos.