May 30, 2011

Tidbits: Opening and Moving in Noe

Press: Works on Paper is a new gallery/paperie that opened this month in East Noe on 22nd Street (yes, it's technically still Noe, though it feels alot like the Mission). The store carries artist prints, letterpress cards, one-of-a-kind wrapping paper, and hard-to-find and vintage architecture and photography books. It's a charming hipster-esque addition to the row of shops that includes Pot + Pantry, a gallery/kitchen store that sells vintage and new kitchen supplies a few doors down. 

Press: Works on Paper, 3492 22nd St. at Dolores
Pot+ Pantry, 3412 22nd St. at Guerrero

The Animal Company next to Firefly on 24th Street is moving into the old Cover to Cover space. The pet store and aviary has been around since 1977 and carries parrots, macaws, cockatoos, finches, canaries, parakeets and more. No indication of exactly when the new digs will open but it looks imminent. And when it does open, "owners, Rick and Ellen French invite you and your pet to stop by their store, say hello, and get a treat."

The Animal Company, 1307 Castro St. at 24th


Anonymous said...

"yes, it's technically still Noe, though it feels alot like the Mission" - what the hell is this supposed to mean?

Anonymous said...

East Noe? seriously? This gets worse and worse every time we hear a realtor create new boundaries.

Totally nuts.

Nails Doverspike said...

I always thought that corner has been within Noe Valley (since Fair Oaks is the Eastern line of Noe Valley) but it could be in the heart of the Trans-Mission, part of Lower Noe Valley, or at the south boundary of Liberty Heights, or even the Western line of the Mission. This truly is a tough one.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Dolores has always been the dividing line of Noe Valley and the Mission. This stationary store, while cute, is NOT in Noe Valley.

PS. Put your twitter feed on the blog.

Old time Noe-ite said...

"Dolores has always been the dividing line.." Really? Not that it matters, but, I remember the days when there was no "dividing line" and
Noe Valley was actually "in the Mission." Back then, most people couldn't even pronounce "noe."