May 5, 2011

Closing: San Francisco Mystery Book Store

Noe Valley is losing another independent book store:
A final message to all of my loyal customers. I will be closing the San Francisco Mystery Book Store effective May 31, 2011. My landlords will be renovating the building and thus, I would need to find a new location. Since my current landlords have been SO very generous over the years, I know finding a place which has such a low rent would be next to impossible. I have LOVED my 10+ years here, having the most fun spending time with customers, turning them on to amazing books, mostly out of the ordinary and hopefully have introduced people to new and interesting series.

I will still be in the biz. I am holding on to my seller's permit and I will continue to sell online, but more about that later. I have set up a contact with someone in the UK (no, not the Duchess of Cambridge) who will be able to supply me with amazing novels by amazing authors who are not available here in the US as well as keep you up to date with new releases. Now that I will no longer have a storefront, I will also be reviewing books, and making 'yes' and 'no' recommendations.

Starting Saturday, May 7th, all inventory (including first editions) will be half price. Please stop in and say hello, or goodbye and perhaps even purchase a few books.

Thanks, Diane
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Deb said...

Hi Diane,

I hate to see bookstore close! I know a lot of what you are going through. Good luck!!

Deb Andolino
Aliens & Alibis Books (Internet only since December 31, 2006

Stephen Booth said...

I'm really sorry to hear this, Diane. You've been so supportive - not only to me, but to many, many other authors. The closure of the store will be a loss to the whole mystery community. Hope we'll still see you around, though!