February 25, 2011

Crime Beat

Information is from Mission and Ingleside District San Francisco Police Station newsletters.

First...a meeting notice:
Please circle March 29 on your calendar. That is the date of the next Mission Station-hosted community meeting. We hope to have a representative from the City’s Department of Public Works make a presentation and answer questions. We will definitely supply mouth-watering refreshments and a door prize for which I have spared no expense.
Meeting to be held from 6-7pm at 630 Valencia St. And now...the juicy bits:
February 18

Theft/Building -- 9:30 am 30th/Chenery. Officers Toomey and Gamboa were sent to investigate a theft incident. The victim told the officers that while at work he left for a meeting. The victim locked his office door. The victim was gone for an hour and upon his return he noticed that his office door could not be open with the keys. The victim contacted a locksmith. Once in his office the victim noticed that his wallet and contents were missing. There is no suspect description.

February 19

Attempted Robbery -- 11:22 p.m. 24th & Douglass. The robber confronted three people and demanded their cell phone. One of the victims offered her cell phone, but the scoundrel refused it because it was old-fashioned. He then drew a gun and demanded all their property. When told by another of the victims that what he was doing was wrong, the gunman turned around and walked away.

Theft from Auto -- 3:35 pm. Noe/Day. Officers Park and Chang were sent to investigate a theft case. The witness told the officers that she observed a subject jump into a car via the window. The witness told the officers that she walked by the car and saw a suspect in the passenger seat rummaging through the glove box. The witness crossed the street and called the police. the suspect then got out of the car and got into a waiting car and fled the area.

February 20

Battery -- 2:30 p.m. Clipper & Diamond. The suspect punched both victims.

February 21

Burglary -- 7:00 a.m. 3800 24th St. The victim’s store was broken into, and a sum of money was stolen.

Vandalism -- 3:31 am 30th/Church. Officers Ma and Padilla were sent to investigate a vandalism case. The caller told the officers that he observed 4 suspects writing on a wall. The officers searched the area for possible suspects and located four subjects and detain them. Since there was no victim and no one to identify the suspects, they were all identified and sent on their way. The information was sent to the graffiti unit.

February 23

Malicious Mischief -- 9:06 p.m. 24th & Noe. A vile vandal broke the window of the victim’s truck.

February 24

Warrant Arrest -- 1:34 pm Valley/Castro. Officers Rueca and Almaguer responded to locate two suspects that had outstanding warrants. The officers arrived to a location where the suspects frequent and knocked on the door. The door opened and it was one of the suspects. The officers placed him under arrest and asked him if there was anyone else with him. The suspect answered by saying my girlfriend, can we tell her I’m going to jail? The offices complied; little did the suspect know that the officers knew that his girlfriend was the other suspect with the warrant! Both suspects were pronounced under arrested on their respective warrants.

Trespassing -- 11:12 am 200 blk 30th St. Officer Curry was sent to investigate a trespasser. The victim told the officer that there was a person on the property that did not have permission to be there. When the suspect realized that the victim was calling police he fled. The officer searched the area and could not find the suspect.