September 6, 2010

How To Know It's Labor Day In Noe Valley

Never mind all the parking, limited shop hours or the start of what we like to call "summer" in these parts. The true sign of Labor Day in Noe Valley is the notices of unfair labor practices posted on the long-shuttered Real Foods space. Proving...that at least one person will Never Forget. Our question: is this same person a member of MoveOn?


ben said...

I'm not sure this year's poster was accurate. It said the workers were "trying to join a union", which isn't the case -- they *were* unionized, but the buyers ("Nutriceutical" I think) didn't want a union work force. So they closed the place.

During the property bubble, of course, they could have sold for a huge profit to someone who wanted to run the place as a business. But, no. They want to be the dogs in the manger.