October 11, 2013

Announced: Be Yoga

The Corner of Clipper and Sanchez will host a new yoga studio beginning October 22nd. Be Yoga is opening its fourth outlet, the "first of several SF locations" with a celebration including free yoga on the 26th. Details on the Be Yoga Noe Valley blog.

Clipper Corner dog grooming vacated last month when the owner retired.

Be Yoga
1250 Sanchez St


Anonymous said...

Copyeditor here!

There should be no apostrophe in the word "its" in the second sentence.

Noe Valley, SF said...

Thanks, copyeditor. Don't know what we'd do without you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Be Yoga,
So excited you are coming to Noe! I hope you are going to have a basic / beginner class every day during the day -- not just "one-size-fits-all" classes. Welcome!!

Anonymous said...

Cool that you're a new yoga studio, but honestly I hate what you did to that awning.

Looks like crappy graffiti. You could use some talent in the signage area.

Anonymous said...

I like the awning - it's colorful and playful.


Anonymous said...

I like the awning, too!

Anonymous said...

Your awning is an eye sore. Before all you yuppies and hippies invaded my neighborhood, with your dogs and babies and baby dogs, we used to have great awnings. We had awnings you can be proud of. Now because of its bright colors it will slow down traffic and there will be less parking. THINK OF THE PARKING! Colorful awnings, I mean, whats next, 2 day farmers markets?

Typical Cranky Noe Neighbor