August 1, 2012

This Week At The Planning Commission

A look at Noe Valley projects in front of the Planning Commission this week. Information is provided by the Planning Commission, and taken from its published agenda. All hearings are on Thursday at 1:30pm, Room 400 in City Hall.

August 2

4365 26TH STREET
- south side between Douglass and Diamond Streets; Lot 024 in Assessor’s Block 6561 - Request for Discretionary Review of Building Permit Application 2011.10.18.7006, proposing to construct a rear addition at the first floor, a new second floor, and front and rear decks to the existing single family dwelling structure within the RH-1 (Residential, House – One-Family) Zoning District and 40-X Height and Bulk District.
Staff Analysis: Abbreviated Discretionary Review
Preliminary Recommendation: Do not take Discretionary Review and approve

The complete document with request for Discretionary Review, response, drawings, letters of support and complete staff analysis is here (large PDF). In a nutshell:
  • DR Requestor: "We have no objection with the development of the property. We just want it to be in continuity with the neighboring houses and not at the expense of the neighboring homes."
  • Applicant: "This same neighbor requesting the DR has also just completed a renovation of his property ~3 years ago, adding a 2nd floor and expanding to the rear." [Ed.--seriously great smackdown of the requestor's objections in applicant's response.]
  • Summary of Planning Staff Analysis: The project meets Residential Design Guidelines. Approve it. Also: "Under the Commission’s pending DR Reform Legislation, this project would not be referred to the Commission as this project does not contain or create any exceptional or extraordinary circumstances."

[SF Planning: 4365 26th St]
[Photo: SF Planning]


Anonymous said...

One of the worst examples yet in Noe Valley of a neighbor loudly proclaiming "I have my new addition, but you can't have yours..."

The worst. The DR requestors should be ashamed and I guarantee they will lose this one, and gain a few enemies.

Such a self-entitled attitude.

Anonymous said...

"What the difference between an environmentalist and a developer?"

"An environmentalist already has a cabin in the woods."