August 13, 2012

Interview: Michelle Janezic of Mill

UnionMade's sister store Mill is opening this week on 24th St. Store manager (and local designer) Michelle Janezic was kind enough to give us the lowdown:

Why did you decide to open in Noe Valley?
Noe Valley is one of our favorite neighborhoods in SF. Between being centrally located, Noe has a strong sense of community, beautiful weather and is easily accessible to and from Unionmade, our men's shop.

Give us a preview - what can we expect in the new space?
As the feminine counterpart to Unionmade, the store is designed with a softer sensibility and aesthetic to beautifully showcase the many lines and products carefully selected for the store. Owners Todd Barket and Carl Chiara designed a beautiful environment with plenty of natural light, white walls and dove grey accents.

Are you working with any local vendors?
We have Cinq jewelry by local designer, Vipada Wongpatanasin. Vipada is also featured in our opening campaign (shot by local photographer, Andrew Paynter). We're working with Matt Dick of Small Trades Co. who developed an exclusive clothing collection for Mill. We are also carrying a selection of perfumes and balms by Julie Elliot's apothecary brand, In Fiore.

Has Mill established a leadership team yet? Any familiar faces?
We believe that everyone's a leader! We have a great team in place and Mill will be managed by local designer, Michele Janezic (who's apparel line, Janezic, will also be at the store).

UnionMade has a women's section. Will Mill have a men's section?
Mill is exclusively a women's store and since we now have Mill, there is no longer a women's section at Unionmade.

When is the opening date?
Our target opening date is this Thursday, August 16th. [But] the target is a moving one. I think it's better to say we will open this weekend as opposed to giving a specific date.

Do you have a special party or event planned for the opening?
Our focus at the moment is getting the store opened. Once we've settled in, we will host a campaign and shopping event in the next few weeks.

3751 24th St


Anonymous said...

Yay! Welcome Mill (and all the Mill / Union Made team members)! Such an awesome addition to our neighborhood!